Still Happening

Lilith is a half-human magic user with dead parents or secret parents or something, naively and passively finding her way to encounter after encounter, so she’s basically the distillation of a YA protagonist. But she’s not the only moron in the village. Take the whole half-elf thing. This is a world where everyone is horny all the time, and people are gargling orc members under every thatch roof in the kingdom. But everyone assumes that she can’t be a half-elf, because elves discourage miscegenation. Where do they think the ears come from? Some kind of venereal disease that comes from horse disturbances? So we already have lots of hot elf-on-everyone action with a ditzy genre trope, and then we add a choose your own adventure angle on top of that!

Sounds like your peanut butter got in my sex chocolate.

But wait, is she or isn’t she like other girls?