Did I Win?

This was a weird book to get through, and you know I don’t say that lightly. Your girl has read stories about people seducing their nieces and circling the Mediterranean like a bath toy. Forbidden Choices feels like reading a piece of slash fiction in a Googledoc while someone else is frantically trying to edit it. This sensation was compounded by the fact that I couldn’t just read through the thing once. For research purposes (shut up!) I had to backtrack, start over, and sometimes flip through the same chapter multiple times. Eventually it felt like I was stuck in a loop forever watching Lilith bonk the same orc. I’ve come to treat these brain-melting moments as a fine wine, to be sipped and savored, and I can tell you it’s a rare vintage that makes you feel like an extra in Poundhog Day. I only wish there were more endings to keep me invested in the outcome. As a CYOA, it’s not exceptional, but the gimmick of applying it to guileless erotica was fun.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Or maybe it was. I feel like the Oomploompa in charge of peeling people off the seats of the acid-trip gondola ride every time I conclude one of these reviews, but honestly I had more fun reading this one than I have in a long time. Forbidden Choices: Choose Your Fantasy is three dollars on Kindle.

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