Part A

Our heroine Lilith is a young woman who rolled a half-elf sex-cleric during her character creation phase. When our story begins, she is living on a small farm in the middle of nowhere with her aunt, presumably surrounded by crowds of other young fantasy protagonists. When she goes into town to buy de-weaseling powder, or some other kind of nebulous farm business, she meets a bunch of Hot Boys drinking in the tavern. This begins a series of adventures in which her aunt does not ever get her de-weaseling powder. Being a humble farm girl, Lilith learns a lot about the gross world she lives in the hard way. There are some dark moments along the way, but at least our girl gets laid. A lot. Like, she should have back problems by the end of this book, and a first degree waffle iron burn that no one can explain. A book like this is going to sink or swim based on how tantalizing the adult bits are, which brings me to the next point.

As long as no one disturbs a horse.

As long as no one uses the word “moist.”