Part 1

Our heroine Lilith is a suspiciously pointy-eared girl who grows up on a small (perfectly ordinary, wink wink) homestead with her (totally unremarkable, nudge nudge) aunt, and one day has to go into town to mill a cow or something, I’m not a farmer. There she meets the most exotic creature of all: boys! Thus begins a series of adventures in which she bounces from one hedonistic opportunity to the next, like she’s playing the starring role in Debbie Does Dorne. Despite the Medieval lack of birth control or penicillin, people in this magical kingdom are a bunch of randy strumpets, and a hot young woman who’s known nothing but farm life is basically Queen of the Sex Pile. Like any good fantasy, Forbidden Choices is all about living vicariously through Lilith, which means you really need to enjoy the things she gets up to.

Tell me, what does she get up to?

No really, I’m dying to know!