More Of This

The sex writing is mostly good. This is a book that is not afraid to use anatomical terms. I cannot tell you how annoyed I get when people talk about their “lower lips” or “manful scepter,” but Samantha Jensen uses precise and modern terms throughout, including some slang. There is one thing that baffled me, though: the use of the word “squirming.” In this book, everyone is always squirming. Male, female, human, other, they squirm in delight at the slightest stimulus. It’s especially the legs that are constantly squirming, to the point that if you flipped to a random sex scene (which, come to think of it, is basically exactly how you should read this book) you would be forgiven for believing you are reading about an octopus orgy in an extra-small bucket. But the sex scenes aren’t just interesting in their own right. We need to think about the presentation.

If I read the next paragraph, will you stop?

I will buy this book if you buy my Lularoe inventory.