Bonus Content: Barrel’s Bottom, Village of Protagonists

1 – Ye Gyrlie Chandlery: providing the community with scented candles and adjunct girlfriends.

2 – Earl’s General Store: no protagonists allowed! Boo! Hiss!

3 – The Hefty Hock: tavern, adventurers’ outfitter, and amateur barfight venue. Ask us about our local heresay!

4 – Problematic ethnic mentor. It’s not a “magic negro” trope if she’s an elf.

5 – Secret royal protagonist hunter, sworn to rid the world of child wizards, chosen ones, and gifted elementary school students.

6 – Dark forest

7 – Mini-boss dungeon

8 – Combination dark forest and mini-boss dungeon

9 – Protagonists

10 – Turnips

11 – Side kicks

12 – Steampunk dragonship trapped in temporal vortex: currently used to store turnips.

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