Almost Haven, a Legally Distinct Scienced Fictioning Adventuresome


The crew, including Captain PATRICK, First Officer JOHN, and MARINA, gather on the spaceship bridge, tense expressions etched on their faces.

MARINA (voice trembling) There’s something I need to tell you both… I am arranged to be married to a man named Robert. I’ve never met him before.

Silence hangs heavily in the air as Patrick and John exchange glances, clearly taken aback by Marina’s revelation.

JOHN (stammering) Marina, I… I had no idea. Why didn’t you say anything before?

PATRICK (supportively) Marina, we’re here for you. Whatever you decide, we’ll stand by your side.

Before Marina can respond, the spaceship door slides open, revealing Robert and his parents, MR. AND MRS. HARRINGTON. They step forward with tentative smiles.

ROBERT (nervously) Hello, everyone. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you all.

Marina forces a smile, attempting to suppress her apprehension. MAJEL, Marina’s mother, bursts into the room, her presence as loud and commanding as ever.

MAJEL (disapprovingly) Is this where my daughter has been wasting her time? With this ragtag crew?

MARINA (firmly) Mother, please! They are not a ragtag crew. They are my family, and I won’t have you disrespecting them.

Majel scoffs, but Marina’s words hit a nerve. The tension in the room escalates as Majel and Mrs. Harrington begin to argue over the details of the upcoming wedding.

MARINA (standing up) Enough! This bickering has to stop. This is my life, and I’ll make my own decisions. We’ll proceed with the wedding as planned.

She shoots a pointed look at her mother, who visibly softens.

MAJEL (sincerely) Marina, I apologize. I just want what’s best for you.

Marina nods, appreciating her mother’s change of tone. Meanwhile, BRENT, the ship’s scientist, rushes in with urgent news.

BRENT (excitedly) Captain, we’ve identified the approaching ship. It’s Tarellian. This could be dangerous for us and the nearby planet.

Patrick’s expression turns serious, realizing the gravity of the situation.


Marina and Robert find a moment alone, away from the chaos and family drama. They begin to open up to each other, sharing stories and experiences.

MARINA (sincerely) Robert, I know this isn’t an ideal situation, but we’re in this together now. Let’s make the best of it.

Robert smiles, his eyes filled with genuine warmth.

ROBERT (agrees) You’re right, Marina. Perhaps there’s more to our arranged marriage than meets the eye. Let’s discover it together.


Brent addresses the crew, explaining the dangers of the Tarellian ship nearing the peaceful planet.

BRENT (gravely) The Tarellian infection is highly contagious and could lead to a catastrophic outbreak. We need to take immediate action to prevent contact with the infected ship.


Marina’s mother and Robert’s mother continue their squabble over the wedding preparations, their voices rising with each passing moment. Marina, overwhelmed by their constant clash, reaches her breaking point.

MARINA (angrily) Enough! I will not tolerate this constant arguing. This wedding is about us, not about your petty disagreements.

She storms out of the room, seeking solace from the chaos.


Marina finds John sitting alone, his face burdened with unrequited love.

MARINA (sincerely) John, I know it hurts, but I can’t change my feelings. You deserve someone who can reciprocate your love. Please understand.

John nods, tears glistening in his eyes. Marina places a comforting hand on his shoulder, offering her support.


As tension mounts, the crew detects an incoming transmission from the mysterious ship. A holographic projection materializes, revealing the woman Robert has seen in his dreams, stunning him and the crew.

WOMAN (to Robert) Robert, I’ve been waiting for you.

Robert’s face lights up with a mix of disbelief and awe.

ROBERT (whispering) It’s her… The woman from my dreams.

In a daring move, Robert transports himself to the alien ship, leaving his family and Marina’s crew behind.


Patrick and John exchange glances, a mix of relief and happiness washing over them.

PATRICK (sincerely) Marina, we’re glad you’re staying with us. You’re an essential part of this crew.

JOHN (nods) Absolutely. We’ll face whatever challenges come our way, together.

Marina smiles, feeling a renewed sense of belonging and purpose among her crewmates.


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